What additional parts do I need for my new hot water system?

When installing a new hot water system, it's important to ensure all of the valves and fittings are replaced, too. Using old valves and fittings on a new hot water system, even though they may fit and look "ok", can void the warranty on your new system. 

We've detailed the different valves that you will need, to ensure a smooth transition to your new hot water system. 

Tempering Valve

A tempering valve is a mandatory safety device that must be fitted to your hot water system to stop scalding. It works as a mixing device, as it combines both cold and hot water to correctly produce the required water temperature (around 50 degrees) to be released from a particular outlet.
Tempering values must be installed on new hot water systems so that your hot water complies with Australian Standards (AS 3500). This legislation requires hot water to be set at a temperature to minimise the risk of scalding. In Queensland, you must install a tempering value if you are replacing a hot water system.

Pressure Limiting Valve

A 500 KPA pressure limiting valve must be installed to the cold-water line to protect the hot water system from excessive pressure, damage to your hot water system, and to not void the warranty.

Duo Isolation Valve

A duo cold water valve must be replaced which is also a non-return valve. The duo isolation valve has two functions: Isolates the cold water to the hot water system and acts as a non-return valve.

Cold Water Expansion Control Valve

A cold-water expansion valve must be installed on the cold-water side to release excessive build up pressure beyond the set pressure rating of the valve.

Concrete Base or Pizza Base

A base is required to elevate your hot water system and allow sufficient air flow around the base of the hot water system.  This is achieved via a concrete ripple pad slab or a pizza base.

Pipework Lagging

Thermal insulation of required pipework is achieved by installing appropriate lagging.

Safe Tray and Water Shut Off Valve

Depending on the location of the hot water system, these additional parts may be required to ensure a compliant installation.

Other Assorted Fittings, including thread tape, sealant, and copper pipe

Hot water systems must be installed as per the AS3500 and the manufactures specifications to ensure a safe and compliant installation is achieved.  A licenced plumber is required to carry out this work.