Budgeting for a New Hot Water System

We understand, the cost of replacing your hot water system can be confusing. At a bare minimum, you'll need to take into consideration the cost of the plumber, the electrician, any additional parts and fittings that may be needed, and the cost of the hot water system.

Installation cost will vary depending on the type of hot water system, whether or not you are replacing a system or installing one from scratch, and how difficult the job is to complete.

It's important to take into consideration what the tradesperson will need to do to install your new hot water system. Their additional costs may include:

- New valves and fittings that are required
- Lodging QBCC form 4 (or similar, depending on where in Australia you're located)
- Electrical requirements
- Moving the hot water system if relocation is required
- Removing and disposing of your old system. 

We recommend getting a quote from a qualified plumber and/or gasfitter to budget effectively. You may also need an electrician to assist in the installation of your electric hot water system. 

At Hot Water Boss, we offer a hot water system installation service for our customers located within 50km of Jimboomba, QLD. Please send us an enquiry here and one of our friendly plumbers will be in touch as soon as possible!