Choosing A Plumber


It's important to ensure you choose the right plumber to install your hot water system. The last thing you want is a non compliant install on your brand new hot water system, which could shorten the life of the new hot water system and even void the warranty. We are often asked if a customer can install a hot water all honesty the risks aren't worth it - and it's illegal! Best to call a licensed plumber to ensure it's done right.

There are a few simple things you should consider when choosing a plumber: 

  • Plumbers must be licensed, so don’t be afraid to ask for that information. All reputable plumbers will have this information available. 
  • Plumbers require a Gas Fitting License to work on gas appliances. Check this one if you've chosen a gas system. 
  • You’ll need to make sure they can handle the type of work you have. For example - If you're installing a solar hot water system at your home, they will need to know this beforehand as it's an additional endorsement on their license.
  • Customer Service. Even if your plumber is qualified and capable, do you really want to deal with people who are rude or make you feel like a burden? We recommend choosing a plumber that is easy to get in touch with, and that you get along with.

We are able to provide a quote for installation if you're located within 50km of Jimboomba. Please complete the form here and one of our friendly plumbers will be in touch soon!